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FAQFrequently asked questions that will help our users and allow for quick access to necessary information.

What is a POI?20.05.2015

POI, or Point of Interest.

What are the shortcuts NM and KTS?20.05.2015

NM - nautical mile

KTS - knots

What do the abbreviations when navigating: COG, SOG, DTWP, HOG, DYS20.05.2015

COG - the position of the boat in degrees 

SOG - speed in knots 

DTWP - distance to the nearest Waypoint 

HOG - a course in which we sail to the nearest Waypoint 

DYS - the total distance route.

What are the WP?20.05.2015

(WP) Waypoints are different points (markers), which use for making a route.

How to turn on Premium View?20.05.2015

We select Menu → Settings and a window appears with the ability to enter data and run the window View Premium.