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FAQFrequently asked questions that will help our users and allow for quick access to necessary information.


What are Waypoints?20.05.2015

Waypoints (WP) are the points (markers), which we use for routing.

How to set fuel consumption of my boat?20.05.2015

After entering the menu, click Settings, then in the fuel consumption window enter your data.

Can I use the application without the Internet?20.05.2015

Yes, the app uses GPS, so even while losing reach of the Internet all the time shown is the position of the boat on the map.

Why I can`t find myself on the map?20.05.2015

You are probably outside the map. Every product is contained NaviApp World map section of the area covered by the corresponding application. Such a solution has helped us reduce weight applications so that occupied a minimum of space in the device memory.

How can I change the section of map?20.05.2015

After entering in the application menu, select CHANGE MAPS, then select the portion you have selected and press OK.

How can I buy an additional module?20.05.2015

After entering in the application menu, select STORE and then you will have to choose additional packages.

I deleted the application, what next?20.05.2015

Visit the shop (Appstore, Google Play) and download the application again (no additional fee will be charged unless the user account has been changed).

How to change your language?20.05.2015

Version changes along with the change of language in the settings of the device.

Does not display messages about achieving the goal.20.05.2015

The coordinates of the target points are very accurate, so it is impossible to achieve exactly the point on the map, but the map view is characterized by a close approximation, by which you can judge accurately the distance from the point.


How can I calculate a route to navigate?20.05.2015

After launching the application, click the button ROUTE. Then there is the additional menu, where you click NEW and then set the route by clicking on the interesting points directly on the map. After determining the route again press the button and start navigating TOUR by clicking NAVIGATE.

Does the tracking can be turned on while navigating?20.05.2015

Yes, these options do not interfere with each other.

Does the turning off tracking while navigating, turn off the navigation?20.05.2015

No, these options are not connected to each other.


What is the Logbook?20.05.2015

All parameters are stored on the traveled route, the fuel and its combustion (previously required to enter data) and other travel and navigate.

How can I buy logbook?20.05.2015

After entering in the application menu, select STORE and then you will have to choose Logbook package.

How to start saving in the logbook?20.05.2015

After buying options Logbook SHOP within the application (Menu → SHOP) starts his work by clicking the TRACE / LOGBOOK → START. Then, a window appears asking if you want to start recording the log, where click Yes. The application then redirects us to the logbook, where we introduce the basic data. After filling their click SAVE in the top right corner, and automatically return to the starting tracking maps and records in the logbook.

How often logbook generate reports?20.05.2015

Logbook writes data at 20-minute interval.

How to add a report to the logbook? 20.05.2015

When you start working Logbook (on the map screen) in the lower right corner above the rulers there is a button labeled +.

Premium view

How can I purchase a Premium view?20.05.2015

After entering in the application menu, select STORE and then you will have to choose a Premium package.

How to turn on Premium View?20.05.2015

We select Menu → Settings and a window appears with the ability to enter data and run the window View Premium.


What are the WP?20.05.2015

(WP) Waypoints are different points (markers), which use for making a route.

What do the abbreviations when navigating: COG, SOG, DTWP, HOG, DYS20.05.2015

COG - the position of the boat in degrees 

SOG - speed in knots 

DTWP - distance to the nearest Waypoint 

HOG - a course in which we sail to the nearest Waypoint 

DYS - the total distance route.

What are the shortcuts NM and KTS?20.05.2015

NM - nautical mile

KTS - knots

What is a POI?20.05.2015

POI, or Point of Interest.


How do I add interesting me POI that is not on the map?20.05.2015

After entering the page fill in the appropriate form, entering the information you need to add a point.

Where can I rate POI?20.05.2015

To add your rating and review for interesting POI, you have to enter the MENU → POI. Then click the POI category list and a window appears with the specified points. In the window SEARCH type the name of the point and click on it as soon as it appears. At the bottom of the description, there are buttons which select the RATE and enter your rating and review.

How to turn on POI?20.05.2015

We select MENU → POI window appears with a list of all categories of POIs. When you click on the ones that interest you, they will appear on the map.


How to save the route?20.05.2015

After creating a route Waypoints, go to ROUTE option and click SAVE. You can then call any and mark the route color.

How to load a saved route?20.05.2015

You can open a saved route on the map by entering the ROUTE menu and select LOAD. Then a window will appear with a list of saved routes and select the one that interest you at the moment.

How do I calculate a route?20.05.2015

After launching the application, click the button ROUTE. Then there is the additional menu, where you click NEW and then set the route by clicking on the interesting points directly on the map.

How do I share traveled route?20.05.2015

The route can be made available after the completion of FOLLOW option. After traveling the route click FOLLOW → END / SAVE, then there is a window where we can save a trip or share it immediately. You can also share routes already recorded by clicking FOLLOW → LIST, and a window appears containing lists of routes and at each button to share, or remove it from the list.


What is the scoop?20.05.2015

Measure used to check the distance between two points.

How to use the scoop?20.05.2015

When you run it by clicking the button located in the lower right corner there will be two markers on the map (red and blue). Then, hold one and set the starting point, then in the same way, the second marker set at the end point. The bar at the top of the screen shows the distance that we wanted to measure between two points. Measure off by clicking the button again Rulers.